Wednesday, June 15, 2016


For years M and I have talked about having a summerhouse by the sea. Although summer in Denmark is short, when it is there it is fantastic. I would have loved to live in a warm country, but I think that living in a country with a short summer you appreciate it much more than you would have when summers are always good. 

The last few weekends I have been away with friends enjoying the seaside of both Denmark and Sweden. This weekend I went to my friend's summerhouse and although I have recently been to that area and weren't sure that is where I wanted to look for a holiday home I completely changed my mind. Perhaps it was also due to the weather and that the house we were in where set in an idyllic spot on top of a hill overlooking quiet fields and a lake. I have tried to search for similar spots nearby, but they are probably really hard to find. Our dream would definitely be to own something at a similar spot. It doesn't need to be a new house, we can always change that with time as long as it is in a nice spot close to the beach. Most of the beaches there are wide and long sand beaches which would be ideal for little A and little C. Hopefully this time next year we will be able to enjoy our own little holiday home. Or even before as the plan is to use it at weekends during winter as well. Until then I have the next few weekends booked up with going to summerhouses around Denmark visiting family and friends. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Although summer is my favourite time of the year, there is nothing like Christmas time where it is cold outside, but also dark and cozy. It feel ages away as I'm now sitting in a warm flat after a long day at the beach. I have only been away two times during Christmas in my life, one time when I lived in Seattle for a year, and another time when little A was little and we lived in London.

I live really close to the lakes and all year round it is my favourite place to go for a walk. During summer I often buy take away pizza and sit in the sunny side and during winter it's great to just have little A burn of some energy. I'm sure by winter time little C will be doing the same. Right now I'm just enjoying the little time there is left before little C is all over the place. One of my friends asked me yesterday if I could really go to the beach and enjoy an afternoon alone with little A and C. If it wasn't too much work. Since I was little I have always loved going to the beach at summer and I want my children to grow up like that. As long as they both like it I don't see a lot of extra work in taking them to the beach instead of for instance taking them to the park. As it is now it is fairly easy. Little A loves playing in the sand and little C just enjoys everything around him and he is also good at napping in the shade. The only thing I could wish for was living closer to the beach. Hopefully sometime this winter or by next summer we would have a second home right by the beach. Until then I will enjoy the summer because before I know it, it will be winter again.

Monday, May 23, 2016


Before heading off to Thailand for a month I went 'back home' to London. At that time London still felt more than a home than my home in Copenhagen. It is also the first time I have lived for 2.5 years at the same place since I was eight years old. On top of that it was little A's first home so although there were many things wrong with the flat it was also a home. I especially miss the area a lot, Kensington is a bit nicer than living in the red light district in Copenhagen. Although it is a hip place to live and really central, I could never really get used to living so close to a rough area.

Although I had a really busy schedule seeing all little A's friends, my friends and shopping for tea and other things I miss from Whole Foods it was great to be back. I wished we could have stayed for longer so we didn't have to be so busy but perhaps next time that might be the case. I wonder how long it will be before it doesn't feel like my home there. I have just been back last month and it still felt the same. I know that it probably wouldn't be the same still living there as so many things have changed and most of the people I know have moved away from London. I think that London, not for everyone, but for many, is a place you go to for a few years before moving on. Although I have physical moving London will always have a piece of my heart. And a piece of little A. She is luckily continuing on her English with being at an international Montessori preschool. I hope she will always remember where she was born and raised for the first few years of her life. As one of my neighbours said to me today 'it will forever be a gift that she is able to speak English'. I completely agree and hope that the little part of London and the UK will always stay with her.

Sunday, May 22, 2016


These pictures might look amazing, but I must admit it was even prettier in real life. Spending a month in Thailand while on maternity leave is one of the best things I have done. We didn't plan much from back home, besides from figuring out which island to go to after spending a few days in Bangkok, and I did also book our hotels. I did a lot of research and several times I was close to changing the location of the island we wanted to go to. I even had some advice from a blogger who spent 15 months traveling with four children in Asia and she recommended another island from the island we were going to go to. But everywhere else I looked, the hotels were more expensive to what you got. So in the end we decided to go to Koh Chang as we also originally had planned. Every where I looked the island looked less crowded than other islands in Thailand. And January is peak season so I'm glad we booked as everywhere was fully booked. Especially by Chinese tourists. They don't have any self discipline when seeing small children. They often took photos of both A and C and I now know how celebrities must feel. They had the whole family, even their old grandmom to pose next to them and would pose it straight away to their Chinese facebook.

We managed to rent out our flat and we lived like royals on our normal food budget. The hotel we stayed at in Bangkok was a bit outdated, but it was more than big enough for the four of us. We had a pool rooftop and breakfast was at the 43rd floor. After spending 3 days in Bangkok we got on the bus to go to Koh Chang. We spent the first 12 nights at a jungle hotel called Ramyana. It is definitely one of the best hotels I have ever stayed at. The only downside was the location as the beach was a bit away but the hotel had a taxi service taking us to the beach. The staff were great and little A and C were treated as royals. Although that is mainly the way they treat children everywhere in Thailand. Little A got so used to people approaching her that as soon as we left the plane on our way home she took the confidence with her. Sadly children in Denmark are treated differently so she has sort of forgot how to be a 'royalty'.

The next 12 days we stayed at a beach resort being practically on the beach. It was great being that close to the beach, besides from the few days it stormed like crazy and we had to stay inside a whole day in order not to be blown away. The location was so much better than the last hotel being closer to restaurants. The only downside was that there were too many Danish people there and that our hotel room one day was occupied by the biggest cockroach I have ever seen. Luckily it was dead and I didn't see any after that.

We didn't go on many trips and I would have loved to go on boat trips around all the other islands nearby, but with two little ones that would have to wait. Another reason for coming back in the near future.

Saturday, May 21, 2016


More than six months have passed and with two little ones there has been no time for anything, besides taking care of them. Like Kim Kardashian on today's episode said: 'my mom always told me that having one child is like one, two is like having twenty!'. I must admit that I agree with her. The only thing I can recommend to make life easier is travel to Thailand. Make sure to spend at least a month there. I wish we could have stayed at least two months there. I have never been on one holiday where I didn't miss small things from back home. It could be something simple like a glass of milk or a piece of rye bread with cheese. But this time, I didn't miss anything at all. Everything in Thailand was so much more simple. We didn't have to do any housework, we went out for every meal every day and had a massage nearly everyday. 

Our typical day consisted of waking up at 6 (it is so much easier getting up early in a warm country), M going for a run while I did yoga, going out for breakfast, going to the beach, swimming 50 lanes, having a massage, eating lunch (a meal was around 10 DKR), having a nap (if the little ones both slept at the same time, we weren't always that lucky!), going out for dinner, having a drink at the terrace while the kids were sleeping and going to bed early, reading a good book. No wonder I didn't miss home at all. Housework with two little ones can feel like an extremely boring job. 

Travelling with a toddler and a baby is hard work, but at the same time also easy. Little A enjoyed herself most days playing at the beach. We even managed to find her a few friends. The first one must have been a grandparent. One day at the beach she came and asked if she could borrow her to play with and they spent several afternoons playing in the sand and eating ice cream together while M and I took a nap. Little C is probably one of the easiest babies you can have. The months (might have been weeks, but it felt like months!) where he cried most evenings before falling asleep just before midnight disappeared from day one. Although he didn't sleep through the night before he was 6 months (little A was 4 months), he never really cried in Thailand. He fell asleep before 8 and all day he was just lying in his little nest under the palm trees. He rarely had naps, but he just didn't wanted to miss anything and people kept coming up to us saying how easy he was. 

That month in Thailand is probably not something we might be able to do anytime soon, but I hope that we will get that opportunity again someday. It was one of the best Januarys I have ever had. Besides the January where I met M, soon coming up on ten years.