Tuesday, August 26, 2014


This long weekend was spent on the beach in Bournemouth soaking up the last few rays of the sunshine. On Sunday morning we jumped on the coach down to the coast. I must say that Bournemouth has really nice beaches but the town centre is really dull. I would definitely only go for the beaches. That being said the beaches are perfect. You have to walk down a big cliff and once you are there it feels as if you are completely caught of from any street noise. Very mediterranean like. They still have the lovely small colour full beach huts that Brighton has and the pier. We also found the best fish n chips in the world restaurant but the queues where so long we didn't feel like the wait.

Little A stayed up until ten so she definitely enjoyed herself as well. We still have left to get her used to the sand, she is terrified of the texture although I took her to the beach regularly from she was just a few weeks old. Hopefully that will resolve itself when we are off to Greece next weekend!

On our way back we ended up staying on the coach for nearly four hours. The traffic is always bad getting in and out of London which is why I don't do public transport in London, only on special occasions. 

I'm wearing top from Zara and little A is wearing dress from Wheat and Angulus sandals.

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