Friday, August 29, 2014



Yesterday was my birthday and although I had to work I still managed to enjoy the day. My boyfriend made brunch which included healthy sugarfree pancakes and during the afternoon I had a thai massage. Ever since I moved to London I have used a thai massage place in Fulham called Thai Lah Spa and have always been very satisfied with them. Their prices are not too bad compared to that this is London and I always feel relaxed after being there. I would love to go there more often, but if the prices were as there were in Thailand then I definitely would. On my way home I spotted a few Chelsea celebrities from Made in Chelsea which my boyfriend claims he arranged. As my local areas are around Chelsea I have actually seen a few of them before, and although they are not Hollywood celebrities it is always fun to see celebrities even local ones.

The evening was spent in my local park where we had sushi from Wasabi on Kensington High Street. That is one of my new favorite chains. For those of you not aware London mostly only has food chains which sometimes makes it boring as there are not many unique local places to eat. Wasabi sushi taste authentic and it is really affordable. Later that evening I went to Pilates. I do yoga and Pilates several times a week and would love to be more flexible. Lately during the class I always end up next to a proffesional ballet danser and you really notice how unflexible you can be when you stand next to a ballet danser! As soon as little A is old enough she will start ballet lessons and become more flexible than me.

During the day I also spent time making healthy coconut balls. My friend sent me a recipe that she found on and they turned out really well, but are extremely filling.

The first picture is a few of my presents, one of them a trip to Barcelona, a new mini Ipad and a new perfume. My friend from work also gave me a book that I have been wanting for ages. I can't wait to use it and all the recipes look really good and easy to make. The last picture is borrowed from Sofies blog.

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