Friday, August 22, 2014


I'm currently on a no sugar diet. I have always loved the Danish sweets and usually eat sweet stuff at least once a week. I have never liked cakes that much and since I, besides from the treats once in a while, eat healthy and exercise daily I have always allowed myself a bit of sugar. Most of my friends here in London are always on some sort of diet which I sometimes found boring, because I don't want to eat unhealthy things by myself. So I decided to try for four weeks to avoid sugar. And it actually wasn't that bad! The only thing that was difficult was when other people offered me something sweet and didn't understand why I said no and the weekends on the sofa with a good film. They sort of go hand in hand with a special treat. On the other hand it wasn't that easy avoiding sugar, as it is practically in everything! I even ended up eating my daughter's baby food from Ellas Kitchen. Why is it that they make cakes without sugar to babies and not to adults??

After that month I went on holiday to France and one evening I had a can of coke and it was actually scary how my body responded! I had hot flashes, red spots all over my chest and my heart was pumping really fast! As soon as I got back from France I stuck to no sugar again. Then I thought on my next trip that you haven't been to Denmark without having the 'gammeldags isvaffel'. Again as soon as I ate it I had the worst migrane ever, which lasted for two days straight! It's scary to think about what sugar do to our bodies.

The good thing about living in London is that I can't buy my regular sweets and they have loads of good muslibars in Whole Foods or from one of my favorite brands Nakd.

The pictures are from Meyers, which is one of my favorite eating places in Cph. On top of that my old work place had Meyers at their cantine so it was always fun going to work looking forward to that. Take note British employers!!

The last picture is from a brunch I had when I was back home in Denmark on 'Den blå hund'. Again the British could learn something about breakfast!

I'm getting hungry just writing about this and I'm currently on my way to work which today will be in Bristol so it will still be a few hours before I can enjoy my lunch. At least I have that to look forward to and a long bank holiday weekend. Then the sugar can wait, at least until my next holiday to Greece which will be in two weeks time, yaahh.

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