Thursday, August 21, 2014


Today I would have liked to go shopping on Kings Road in Chelsea stopping by Joe and the Juice for a  smoothie and sandwich, but instead I'm sitting on the sofa with my duvet looking out at the miserable British weather. It is supposed to be summer in August and not grey and cold! That's the British weather for you and then I wonder again what made me decide to move to London that day in January nearly three years ago. Then I think of Kings Road, shopping, my favorite park Holland Park, the river, the food, the people, and my new job of course.

That is what made me consider moving away from my boyfriend, my family, my friends and my home city Copenhagen. Luckily my boyfriend joined me after a few months and so did our little daughter who can now proudly show her friends when she is older that her passport says 'born in Chelsea'.

I will go back to my cup of tea (although I'm not British I looove my cuppa) before I join my friends from Ireland and Italy (another thing I love about London is that no one ever asks you where you are from as everyone comes from somewhere else than London) at our local playground.

I'm wearing top and cardigan by VS, scarf Cos, skirt and bag Alexander Wang and boots Zara.
-Picture by my cool friend Pernille. Check out her website

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