Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I'm now back in the office missing my holiday more than ever. I forgot how quick your holiday is over and how slow your day is once you are back in the normal routine. Suddenly work doesn't seem as important as spending time with little A. She has developed so much the last two weeks and when you are at home in your normal routine you don't really notice that many differences from the week before. The only thing that is keeping my mood up today is that there is only around three weeks until I'm off again. 

Being back in London is not the most enjoyable experience. I forgot how much cleaner the air is outside the city. And how much time you spend on transport, getting from a to b is not stress free. Cycling through Hyde Park on my way to work where I should be happy about seeing something millions of people travel to see every day only left me with a wish about being back in Greece and being on my way to the beach. I love going on holiday but once you get back you always end up a little bit depressed about  how you have to live for the majority part of the year. I need to start planning my next holiday so I have something to look forward to, that is what keeps me going throughout the most boring moments at work. Until then I can look forward to my sister coming to visit at the end of the week. The day after she leaves my mom arrives, followed by my dad, followed by my boyfriend's mother and husband. So it will be a busy month for us, and although I love the help we will also have to get used to sharing little A.

Second pic dress by Ganni and shoes Zara, third pic top Isabel Marant and shorts Gestuz and last top bought from my friend Kinne, shorts Asos and sandals Moss Copenhagen. Little A is wearing dress from Zara kids and shoes Angulus.

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