Saturday, September 27, 2014


I'm not that fond of baking and prefer to do as little as possible. After moving to London I realised how much I missed dark rye bread or buns. The bread British people eat mostly white and plain and instead of fealing full I always feel bloated and not as healthy as if I eat dark bread. I have found some German rye bread here which you can get at most supermarkets but a packet only lasts for one lunch for two people and is so boring that you have to toast it before you eat it. My boyfriend's mom gave me a recipe on some healthy buns that she said was really easy to make and I must admit that I thought they were much more difficult to make than they really are. 

You only need 4 dl of water, whole grain (250g) and rye flour (350g) dried yeast (half a packet ) ( you can't get fresh yeast in the UK!), olive oil (1 tbs), salt (1tbs) and either pumpkin seeds or raisins. The dough has to be as wet as possible and then you can either bake them straight away using two spoons to form them into buns or leave them in the fridge for up to three days. I usually do both and it's great to be able to get homemade buns in less than 20 minutes! They need 18-20 min on 200 and I usually sprinkle oatmeal or pumpkin seeds and some olive oil before I put them in the oven. The real recipe says normal flour so I sometimes give them a bit longer than 20 minutes as they can turn up a bit wet on the inside.

When I was on maternity leave I managed to bake a few times and I loved the fact that you have a bit more time to figure out what your weekly meal plan is. Little A would usually play on the mat and I could make food so we had for several days in the freezer. After I went back to work there hasn't been enough time to do this. I will head back to baking a few more buns, my sister is coming tomorrow so there has to be enough for her to try. They have already been approved by little A and my colleagues at work.

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