Thursday, September 4, 2014


I had an eventful day today at the office. It sometimes seems a world away from my old office in Copenhagen. Lets just say the Copenhagen office is in a very boring location, at the end of a metro stop and there is nothing else to do there than to work. That's why the office consists of everything from a hair dresser to a chiropractor. Here in London everything is around the corner from the office and it is in one of the best locations. I love that if you are looking for something and can't find it in Zara then there are still four other Zara's on Oxford street. I know my way around now so I always avoid Oxford st and take the smaller road. Even just cutting through the crowd on Oxford st is a nightmare.

Another thing which is really different here than office life in Denmark is that the office is extremely quiet before nine, even sometimes before ten. That also means than when I leave around four everyone else stays to at least 530 pm. Anyways, we had an office drill and once we were heading out I noticed that a homeless guy was sleeping right next to our door with a blanket and as soon as he heard that we were there instead of escaping from the crowd he just took the blanket over his ears and turned around. No one raised an eyebrow that he was lying there. I often see homeless people sleeping there as it is a mews but it feels strange to me as I'm only used to seeing homeless people on one road in Denmark. 

After heading back inside to our desks I went out for lunch and decided to go look for a bag I have had my eye on from Kurt Geiger. Their flagship store is in Covent garden which is only a fifteen minutes walk from our office. On the way there I walked through Soho and again I thought about how much there is to do in London and that there are always new places to go to. Although I miss Denmark a lot Copenhagen will never be the same as I know all places and it nearly feels like a small town to me.

After work I went off to say goodbye to our Marketing team in a local basement pub. I have been to more basement bars after moving to London than I have in my entire life. Basements are often used for bars, offices and flats. After the pub I went back to work to join a barbecue at our roof terrace. One of the Chinese girls had decided that we were going to have chicken hearts on a barbecue stick and to dip them in coke, very unusual and not anything I would have liked to taste! On my way home I stopped by my local gym to join the Pilates class so its definitely time for bed for me now. Night night.

Picture is of the bag from Kurt Geiger I spent my lunch hour on today.

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