Thursday, September 18, 2014


Yesterday we rented a car and drove to the north of the Island. The north has a much different landscape with caves and beautiful sights. Last year we did the same and saw the South Island and I think one day is enough to see most sights. The shipwreck is one of the most famous landmarks on Zakynthos and the best way to see it is to take a boat there but we ended up just going to the view point as that was a bit easier with little A. On the way there we made a stop by a quiet little cave beach and little A had one of her naps underneath the cave. She was joined by the local taverna owners who kept a car seat underneath the cave that the slept on. Although I don't think I could cope with working most of the day and evening as they do in the warmer countries I think a siesta is such a great way to spend an afternoon.  I try to have one as often as possible, even if it is just for twenty minutes I feel relaxed. My favorite part of yoga is also the five to ten minutes before and after the class where you lie completely still and focus on how you feel right at that moment. 

During the evening we went to the restaurant at the hotel we stayed last year. It still felt good to be back and both my boyfriend and I regretted that we didn't spend the extra money on the hotel as it felt so good to be back. Next year we might go somewhere entirely different, I'm hoping that we make it to both LA, San Diego and Seattle. For now my next trip will be less than a month away: a girls trip without kids to Barcelona, can't wait! Although I will miss little A a lot it will also be nice to be able to sleep, shop, eat and go to the beach whenever I want to. That is definitely something I wish I would have enjoyed more before children, the first 31 years of my life have been all about me but now it is all about little A. 

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