Thursday, September 25, 2014


Little A is very lucky to have grandparents who make clothes for her that other people would pay a lot of money for. My boyfriend's mother makes both cardigans, dresses and trousers (in Liberty's fabric). When I see something online that I really want but is too expensive I nicely ask if she is able to make something similar and she makes one just like it! Many people have commented on the clothes and mentioned that she should open her own clothing line for children and perhaps she could consider it when she retires next year. My dad's wife also makes clothes for little A, wool cardigans that she can use for both summer and winter in the colours that suit little A the best.

I have never been a fan of pink and it just doesn't suit little A with her light skin and blonde hair, but when the first time I had to shop for clothes for little A so many shops only had pink clothes for girls and blue for boys. I'm much more a fan of blue and can understand when the babies are small that this is often the only way you can tell boys or girls apart. Little A often got mistaken for a boy when she was a tiny baby, but a lot of it was also that her hair was so short and because she looked a lot like her dad. Neutral colours are much more something that suits little A, so a lot of her clothes are in neutral colours. I have always loved Zara and their clothes for babies are also perfect for little A. Besides from that little A wears Wheat, Pomp de Lux, Mini A Ture, Noa Noa mini and for outerwear she wears Ver de terre. For basics she often uses H&M or Primark.

First picture cardigan by Farmors Vaerk, and the rest Zara and beige shoes Mini Mocks.

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