Tuesday, September 30, 2014


In January 2013 I wrote this on my old blog C&K Love Fashion:

"Here is a delayed Happy New Year. I have been busy catching up with old friends and family back home so that's why I have been so quiet. My holiday is about to end and I wish I could stay at home a bit longer. As you might know I had a job opportunity a year ago so I left my boyfriend, friends and family behind. Luckily my boyfriend has now joined me in the big city, but I miss everyone else all the time. I have learnt a lot this year and don't regret that I made the decision to move away from everything I had, but I must admit that there are times where I wish I could just go back home again. I have always loved to live away from here, but feel like it gets harder to leave the older I get. Right now I'm gathering experience and know that if I can handle this I can handle everything. This year will be challenging, but also exciting (at least I hope so) so although I'm away from everything I know and like I will learn to adapt into new challenges".
A lot has happened since then as the same time as everything feels like then. The biggest change in my life has been having my daughter, which I don't regret, but it has changed my life a lot and I often find it very difficult living away from everyone I know. I live in one of the greatest cities, but there is not enough time to enjoy it as my daughter takes up most of my time. There are days where I wished that I could just have a few hours to myself, I think that would also make me appreciate my time with my daughter even more. Not that I'm saying that I don't do that now, but a few hours with my friends, alone or doing anything away from the daily chores would make my life easier. Even just be able to go to the cinema on a date with my boyfriend without having to have the grandparents over from Denmark would have been great. Yesterday I spent four hours after work on house chores, and felt like I couldn't stop, there is always something to do with a small child. If I had some extra hands besides from my boyfriend once in a while that would make it a bit easier, although I know it would still be difficult.
The other day I read a post a Danish blogger has written, she is currently living in London and she is in her early twenties. She mentioned how busy she was with work and that she now had arranged to go see a new part of London every week because there always are new places to see. That really inspired me wanting to do the same. Maybe not every week, but every second the three of us could go to new parts of London. The problem is that we only have Saturdays together, and that is the only day where I get to sleep in and I always feel completely exhausted after a long work week. During the summer it wasn't that difficult to go and see new places, but it was usually because we had the whole weekend together.  The other downside is that I hate travelling on the tube, especially with a buggy, and that is really the best way to get around. Then again, we don't know how much longer we are able to stay here and it feels like it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Little A is also needs to be entertained much more than she used to so I think she would like these kinds of outings. Keep an eye out for a London recommendation post coming out soon.

I'm wearing H&M trousers, Primark top, Asos sandals and Asos coat. Pictures are from my local areas Putney, Chelsea and Notting Hill.

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