Saturday, September 13, 2014


The other night I dreamt that two of my friends had a dress that I also needed to have. I was searching all over for it but it was sold out everywhere! It reminded me of many years ago where I spent months trying to get a pair of shoes that the whole World seemed to have. I never skipped school before but that time I had to leave school early just to get my hands on those shoes. When I finally had the shoes several months after I first wanted them they weren't that speciel anymore, everyone seemed to have them and I felt like the last person ever to get my hands on them. Although my taste has changed since then (luckily!) my need to have certain things haven't. I never forget the butterflies I had when I first laid hands on my Chanel bag. My best friend Danielle had brought it back from the US and I had sleepless nights until I FINALLY had the bag in my hands. It is my all time favorite bag and I can't live without it. That doesn't happen that often anymore but when I woke up after having the funny dream about the dress the other day my friend had sent me a text saying that I needed to go to ebay because she had found a really cool dress that both she has as a top and my other friend Kinne has the dress. The three of us share the same taste so I knew that I also would love the dress from one of my favorite brands Maje. Unfortunately I currently can't afford much of their clothes but I do have a winter coat that I bought on sale last winter and this dress on Ebay was not anything that I could and would give up to someone else. My friend was so nice to suggest to get it from me as I had problems with the internet here in Greece, but luckily after ten minutes of trying the dress was mine. I love how my friend knows how important it is not to let something like this go, that will never change for any of us although we might have changed as persons due to us getting older. But you can never get too old to get a kick for buying your new favorite dress.

Picture borrowed from Polyvore

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