Monday, September 15, 2014


This is around the 12th time I have visited Greece and it is still one of my favorite places to go on holiday. I have been to mainly most of their islands. I don't know if it because I always came here as a child/teenager but a summer in Greece has always been a kind of special summer which reminds me of the mountains, the deep blue sea and blue sky, the smells of the trees and the Greek food. It is a easy country to travel around in and you always feel welcome and safe. Until last year I haven't been back for more than ten years but when I came back last year not much had changed and it still felt good to be back. Greek people are always laid back and you often see older people sitting and watching the world go by, children playing in the street at late night and tavernas full of locals dressed up in their nicest clothes on Sunday evening. Another bonus that I don't see in many other countries is that they often offer you something for free when you go to a restaurant. It can be a starter, a dessert or a glass of Ouzo. 

A proof of their trustworthy nature also came to light the other day when we were lying on the beach. My boyfriend decided to buy us something to drink from the local store which is owned by an old couple who must be in their late 80s or early 90s. They always yell and wave to us when we walk by them and it looks like they still live and love life fully. My boyfriend didn't have any change besides from a tenner and they just told us to come back when we had the change. The same thing happened to a group of British people we overheard next to us and they were really surprised about it. I think I would have been as well if this was my first time in Greece, but I have tried it so many times, the Greek people are really friendly. 

This evening we spent on a local taverna called Lemon Tree, if you ever go to Alykanos, go to this taverna and if you go to Alykes a restaurant called Relax is great as well. 

Bikini Pull&Bear, top Isabel Marant, shorts Asos, sandals Moss Copenhagen and Rayban sunglasses.

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