Tuesday, September 9, 2014


On Sunday we left for Greece. I have been to mostly all the Islands in Greece so there isn't much left that I haven't been to and this is my second time on Zakynthos. Last year we visited the Island and after two busy months back home in Denmark it was the perfect place to relax and manage to sleep as this was where little A first slept through the night. If I would have known how much the sun and heat would calm her down I wouldn't have waited until she was five months old!

This year we are staying in the town right next to the one we stayed in last year but we are both missing our holiday last year as both the town and hotel was a bit more child friendly. Fortunately there are some advantages of our hotel this year that we get to relax by a pool that we nearly have to ourselves. After I had little A my priorities have changed quite a lot and travelling with children can be just as easy as it can be difficult. Zakynthos is a really child friendly Island so although two times might be enough for us at the moment we might come back again. And next time we will not try something new but stay with the place we liked the most. I seem to always want to try something new, but as soon as I do I miss the old. The same with food! I need to learn how to listen to my first gut feeling. Will try to remember this next time I go for a new holiday. But then again, I strive for new adventures and new places to go to. That might be why I love living abroad at the same time as I miss my home town. 

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