Friday, September 26, 2014


A few months ago my father’s wife invited us to the South of France for her 60th birthday. I have been to France many times before, most recently in Paris, but I have never been to the South besides from the airport. I had a few ideas of how I thought it would be, mostly positive and the doubts that I had that weren’t entirely positive but that changed completely when I was there. We usually rent a house in the South of Spain when I have been away with the family, and my father’s wife did the same here. We were all pleasantly surprised about the location and the house. She got it through Air Bnb  which I can really recommend. It was in a small French village and the difference on France and Spain I would say is definitely the quality of living. The house was perfect, at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac and the swimming pool area was amazing. We were there for a week and compared to last time we were all away I would say that the only downside was that there was a lot to see so we didn’t get to relax that much as I would have liked to. Perhaps it was also due to little A nearly being able to walk. She started talking her first step on the trip and had a lot more energy than she previously had.

 I had a “day off” where I went to Cannes with my sisters and their boyfriends and even Cannes I was pleasantly surprised about. It felt much more relaxed that I had thought it would be. Zara had a sale so I ended up shopping most of the time there, but afterwards we went to a quiet beach along the coast. Besides from that we went to a few small villages and the day before we were going back home we went to a wine castle. That was a perfect day – both because little A was behaving really well and was sitting and eating for nearly three hours. It is not often I have seen this happening, especially after she started walking it is difficult for her to sit still for too long. I guess that’s normal, but sometimes it is so tiring when all you want to do is relax but you end up having to run around after her telling her what to do. Also, you really start to notice how much you have to stick to a schedule with a little child when you travel with a few people. If you miss the “deadlines” for sleep, food etc. everything takes much longer.

 Besides from all the things we saw we also managed to relax and I managed to swim an hour in the morning and do yoga. Little A was scared of the sand at this point so we didn’t enjoy the beach that much with her, but she loved the pool. We mostly had dinner in the house, and like in Greece all food tasted amazing. I had a salad yesterday and the vegetables tasted close to nothing! I can’t wait to we have another occasion to travel with the family. I miss being away from them over here and it is great to be on a holiday where you get to spend more time together. My sister also has a new boyfriend so it was a great way of getting to know him better and welcome him into the family. He has been great with little A from start as he has a daughter from a previous relationship and that makes it even better. Hopefully for another round birthday someone will invite us again.
I'm wearing Zara on nearly all the photos, although the beige cardigan is Cos and white top Isabel Marant, and little A is also wearing Zara.

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