Monday, September 29, 2014


After moving to London I don’t go out as much as I used to do back home in Copenhagen. The main reasons for this (besides from being broke after rent and childcare) is that my friends here are generally too busy and the travel distances are huge, so it is more of a hassle to go out sometimes than it is a pleasure. I never spend less than an hour on transport when going outside of my West Kensington/Chelsea comfort zones unless I cycle. I have a few friends living up north and I think I have been to their area around one or two times after moving here three years ago. When I lived here a few years ago I remember going out with a uni friend who lives in Oxford and it actually took me longer to get back from South to North London (I lived in North last time I lived in London) than it took her to get back to Oxford! I love the idea that in Copenhagen all my friends live within a 15 minutes cycle ride away so even just going to their place or their local area is so much easier. You have to plan a lot here when going out and I’m sometimes so tired in the evenings that I can’t be bothered to spend time on travelling across the city. Besides from that people are just so busy here. Most of my close friends either work non stop or become ill because they have worked too much. Back home most of my friends don’t work fulltime and although they are busy as well, it is so much easier to plan us going out.

 Hence the reason for me not really needing a clutch bag  is that I won’t use it that much if I don’t go out that often. For dinner and going out shopping I prefer my Chanel or Alexander Wang bag where I at least have room enough for my water bottle. A few years ago I bought the skull clutch on Ebay and have used it a few times, but the style in Chelsea is not the same as in Denmark so I would prefer my Chanel bag. I also think that it is sometimes easier to carry your bag on your arm so you have your hands free. However, when I saw the Tres Chic clutch on Passions for Fashion it sort of make me reconsider as I really like it. It might also be perfect for my trip to Barcelona as it would be a bit more difficult for all the hand pocket thieves to take something out of it (or at least that’s what I think is the case) without me noticing. So I might get it as it is really cheap. I also have another bag that I really like which I found on Ebay last year so could always bring that. Oh the decisions I have to take on a Monday, might leave it until tomorrow so my head is more clear.


Ebay clutch bag, MissSelfridge clutch and picture by Passions for Fashion, Ebay spike bag & Zara jackets.


  1. Oh, it's a bit dangerous to read your blog, now you've made me aware of this lovely clutch, I feel like I need to by it too! Just can't figure out whether to go with the black or with this since I've been looking for a clutch in this color - what do you reckon?

  2. I really like the other clutch as well, it is a perfect substitute to the 'ordinary' black.