Friday, October 17, 2014


It's time to go back home to rainy London and even though I'm looking forward to seeing little A I will miss not only Barcelona and the sun, but also my friends. It feels like I have been here much longer as the same time as it feels like I just got here. Barcelona is definitely a city that is growing on me just like New York did. 

Yesterday we spent in Parque Guell and went shopping in the evening before we had dinner at a pasta bar. It's my first time in a pasta bar but that's definitely something they should have in London. Its a great concept where you choose pasta type, pasta topping and pasta dish. I love that Barcelona has all these unique local and international places you can eat and although London has many as well they could learn from Barcelona.

We enjoyed our last evening with a crema catalan on our roof terrace and most of today we have just enjoyed the sun and the 26 degrees before we are heading back home. London is always stressful to get back to but its great that I have an extra day off before going back to work. Yesterday I also booked my next trip which will be to Paris with friends. I hope this would take my mind off all the worries I have about whats going to happen within this and next year. That's often how I cope best with stressful decisions by having something else to look forward to. That's the best way to end a holiday; to book a new holiday/weekend away just around the corner.


  1. Seriously though, I enjoyed reading your blog. How can i know more about the Barcelona Sightseeing ?

  2. Thank you:) I really like your blog as well, wish I would have had a look at it before I visited! Sorry, not entirely sure what you would like to know more about:) Is it about the sights and names of the places I went to?