Thursday, October 9, 2014


In a few days I will be in Barcelona with two of my best friends and one of their friends. Last time I went was in October three years ago so I’m looking forward to going back. I really like the city and the fact that it feels like a mixture of France and Spain. It must be so great living in a city at the same time as being by the beach, would love to live somewhere like that. Although I really look forward to going to the beach I’m also a little bit concerned about all the thieves there. I had a close encounter with a one of them last time who tried to steal my bag, so I’m a little bit concerned about going to the beach with a bag. I went for a short walk there and while doing so I left my bag there right in front of my sister. Someone walked over and grabbed it straight in front of her and without running away with it he was just walking along as if he hadn’t done anything wrong. My sister was quick and tried to grab it from him and luckily she got it back. No one tried to help her so the thief must have been really professional trying to make it look as if it was his bag. On our way back from the beach we saw another couple who had been swimming in the water and all their clothes had been stolen from them.
This is not the first story I have heard about thieves stealing your possessions in Barcelona, I also just recently read a book about this girl who had her bag and necklace stolen, but she managed to find the thief and get it back. Fiction, but similar situation to what I tried. What I’m trying to say is that I can’t wait to visit to the city, but I will watch my belongings and keep everything tight to me so I don’t end up as being one of the statistics.

 One thing I’m really looking forward to (besides from being child free and spending time with my friends) is going to Zara and having tapas. Everything in Zara in Spain is up to 30% cheaper so I will try to not fill out my luggage too much on the way there. I also love tapas and the idea of sharing your food so you get to try everything. Last time I went to a really good tapas restaurant called Cerveceria Catalana and the plan is to go there again. Last time we went there on a weekday and still had to queue for at least 45 minutes so it might be an idea to go as early as possible. Besides from that I’m hoping to catching tup on the last rays of the sun for this year. Last weekend the weather completely changed here in London and although the temperature is above average for the year, it still feels cold and miserable. I’m not a fan of getting up in the morning while it is still dark. Luckily little A isn’t either so at least she is sleeping in a bit. Hope that will be the case all winter.
Pictures are from October 2011 of the tapas I had at Cerveceria Cataluña, scrimps in tapas bar in Malaga and the food market in Barcelona.

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