Monday, October 6, 2014


A good long weekend is about to end. I spent it in my mom's company on Friday going to Westfield. It's great to have so many good shopping opportunities in my local area. I'm in walking distance from the shops on Kensington Highstreet, Westfield and the shops on Kings Road. If I need to go into any shops in Central London I have my lunch breaks to do that. There is always something to find on either Oxford Street, Regent Street or in Covent Garden. Next month we are moving office down south (on the wrong side of the river!) and I will miss being able to go out to all the shops during my lunch break. It's around Borough Market, which is one of my favorite markets, but I would still rather have Oxford Circus as my neighbour (although I won't miss the crowds of people).

I have figured out when to go out browsing through the shops at the right times to avoid the crowds and going to Westfield on an early Friday afternoon is also an advantage. Little A got her first pair of Hunter wellies and next on her shoe list is a pair of New Balance trainers. Saturday I also went shopping for little A and went to Westfield, again, to Byron and then to their cinema. Saturday night is not a good day to go there! We had to stand in queues everywhere, to eat, to go into the cinema etc. After moving to London I have noticed that my patience for standing in a queue for too long has changed. You sort of adapt and accept that you can't go anywhere in the city without having to queue. 
When I finally move back to Denmark I think it would feel as moving out to the country side where everything is in a slow pace. Whenever I visit I notice it as soon as I enter the airport. Everyone walks in a relaxing mode, that is rare that you ever do that in London. 

This morning I went to yoga as usual and down to the river and Bishop's park during the afternoon. Bishops's park is one of my favorite parks in London, and I often meet some of my friends with babies there. If I won the lottery I wouldn't mind living there. But with a tiny two bed basement flat underneath our flat in Kensington being sold at the asking price of 600.000, (not Danish currency but in Pounds!) that probably won't happen anytime soon. 

I'm wearing leather coat Muuba, scarf Gestuz, sweater H&M, trousers Bikbok, shoes New Balance. Little A is wearing coat Zara, trousers Mini A Ture, cardigan made by my dad's wife and shoes Angulus.


  1. I love your outfits! Pictures are really good too!

  2. Thanks, they are also taken with my favourite Nikon kamera:)