Friday, October 3, 2014


My friend has some similar really cool glasses that her boyfriend had from someone in his family and I always wanted something like them. These ones look pretty similar and are also really cheap. I currently don't need any new glasses as our small London flat doesn't have room for any new things so it would have to wait until we move back to Denmark one day. I can't wait until we do as I have a lot of things I want to decorate. The plan is to buy a small summer house so instead of getting rid of all the things and furniture I already have, that can go to the summerhouse. I think that after living in rented properties for so many years that I'm allowed to do a home 'make over'. I usually move every year, so having lived in my current flat for two years now is quite exceptional. As we also live in a rented flat it has been difficult to feel as home as I would have liked to, but the first year I lived here I filled my suitcase every month with lamps, kitchenware, candles etc. That has helped quite a lot and people always comment on how nice the flat is. I would say that apart from the single glade windows, the wholes in the floor, the constant issue with mice, the blocked kitchen sink and other parts in the flat falling apart it is a really nice flat. I couldn't have lived without our terrace and small garden, especially since the flat is quite packed with three people and visitors on the sofa most of the time, then it helps having an outdoor space. The area is also perfect being so close to Hyde Park and the shops in Kensington, but it would have been even better if I could spend most of my salary on the clothes you can buy on Kensington High Street instead of spending it on rent!

Glasses from Dora and pictures by Christina.

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