Thursday, October 16, 2014


I'm finally in Barcelona enjoying my time being kids free. It's great to be able to go shopping, go to the beach and go out for dinner whenever you want too. Then again, we all miss the little ones ( and big ones) but that makes me appreciate this 'alone time' even more. The first day we spent shopping and going around the small alleys enjoying tapas. Zara is 30% cheaper here so I will try to squeeze as much in my suitcase as possible. Also something for little A. We live in a perfect location up 100 steps of stairs and have the bonus of two roof terraces. One of them is private and we seem to spend most of our mornings, afternoons and early evenings on the terrace. Last time I went we stayed at a hotel but this is so much better and also cheaper than a hotel.

Today we went to the beach. We took the metro to a bit outside the city centre as the beach is a bit quiter and cleaner. Tonight we are going out for more tapas and perhaps a bit of sangria. Tomorrow we are off to Parque Guell and a bit more shopping before heading back home to cold and rainy London on Saturday. Luckily it has been quite a warm Autumn in London with temperatures in the early twenties, but I think it will change really soon. Wouldn't mind living in a country with similar weather to Barcelona, not too hot but not too cold either. 

I'm wearing top by Black Swan and shorts Gestuz.

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