Friday, October 31, 2014


H&M launched their campaign: All for Children worldwide yesterday and I already had my eyes on several things from their collection. Besides from having the advantage of Little A looking good in their clothes I would also be supporting UNICEF and be helping vulnerable children have a better future through education. I wish more of the clothes I buy would go to something similar. As I currently don’t have the option of helping others it feels great that there are campaigns like these. While buying it a few of the items were already sold out so I ended up with a bit less that I had planned. Some of the items were also really nice but in colours I don’t think would suit little A. All of the clothes I got would go great with her new New Balance sneakers. Get it here

Next week the Alexander Wang collection is also out in stores so although I don’t often shop that much in H&M I might need to do a bit more than usual. The items I found last year when Isabel Marant and H&M did their collaboration is something I haven’t regretted. Most of what I found was in the children section and it felt good to know that even though I’m in my early thirties I can still fit into clothes for 14 year olds.
Pictures by H&M

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