Friday, October 31, 2014


Two years ago I lived with my friend Pernille in Fulham and on Halloween we invited some friends over to celebrate. One of her friends had baked Halloween cupcakes and we each had a carving pumpkin. Mine wasn't the best looking but it was much more difficult to make a perfect pumpkin than I thought. It definitely gave me some ideas to what the best and easiest pumpkin tips. 

This year I didn't have all the tools you need to make it perfect so I just used a knife which actually worked OK. If you haven't already made your pumpkin here are some tips:

Start out with cutting a whole at the bottom of the pumpkin as it is much easier to insert a candle this way. Next take out all the insides which you can save and use for soup. Once you have removed all the insides you can cut eyes, a nose and a mouth. It only took around twenty minutes which was all the time little A left more to do it before she wanted to be entertain. I proudly showed her the pumpkin afterwards but she didn't seem that interested. The only thing that seem to entertain her is playing with the sweets that I bought for the children. Luckily she still doesn't know what's inside the colourful paper so I just leave her to play with it. I look forward to next Halloween where she probably will understand it a bit more.

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