Friday, October 24, 2014


I'm really lucky to live in walking distance to Kensington Gardens and this is my second choice after Holland Park if I'm going for a walk. Two weekends ago when my dad was here we went for a walk around Kensington and it was a great day to walk around the gardens. I go past the sights there every day on my way to work so it doesn't really feel particularly special but compared to my cycle ride in "Fælleden" when I worked in Denmark this is definitely much more exotic. I love the fact that you can cycle there between pedestrians instead of cycling on the busy main road being close to being knocked over by a car or bus. It also makes my cycle ride to work much shorter than it used to.

There is a really British cafe which serves cream tea and scones in the castle so it is a great place to go as a tourist. Further down there is a well know gallery called Serpentine and it's free entry. On our way there we walked by the Royal Albert Hall and some day before I move back home I would love to go for a concert. We didn't make it to a pub that day but my dad managed to grab a bite to eat at our local pub "Hand & Flower" before heading back home. I have been there many times and tried everything on the menu and it is definitely one of my favorite pubs in London.

I'm wearing jacket and trousers Zara, t-short Second Female and shoes Moss Copenhagen. Little A is wearing cardigan Zara, trousers Farmors Værk and shoes Angulus.

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