Sunday, October 19, 2014


I have come to terms with not wearing summer clothes any more this year but I still don't feel ready for it. It always takes a while for me to adapt to a new season but it is still relatively warm in London for the time of the year so it is difficult to wear the right season clothes. I still have all my autumn coats packed away but next weekend must be the weekend where I come to terms with summer ending. I have been on far more trips to a warm country this year compared to what I had planned for. I didn't think I was going to travel much but have ended up doing so. Both with work and private. I have always loved travelling and never grow tired of it. Even though I sometimes feel like I live in a suitcase it is all worth it.

I found some great bargains in Zara in Barcelona so feel more equipped for autumn now. I have to realise it is getting colder now because my body is telling me to wrap up under the duvet and wear warmer clothes. I should have listened because I have been in bed for the last two days with a sore throat and a cold. Little A has it as well, but her energy levels haven't dropped like mine so she still wants to be entertained away from the warm duvet I need to be under. Luckily her grandparents are here to entertain her so I can restore my energy levels with a warm cup of lemon and ginger. 

I'm wearing (top picture) skirt by Zara, top Isabel Marant by H&M, cardigan Topshop and shoes Primark. Jumpsuit by Zara, Ray Ban sunglasses and Stella McCartney bag.

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