Thursday, October 2, 2014


I can’t live without a black dress and I have several in my wardrobe. I don’t think you can have too many as I always find an occasion for wearing them. My favourite dress is one I bought more than four years ago when I went to LA. I got it on Nastygal and I didn’t pay a lot for it. You can either wear it as a black dress without sleeves or wear the little top that belongs with it and has leather on it. I think I have only ever worn it once without the extra top otherwise it is a bit too plain. I love the fact that I can wear some of my high heel shoes with it that aren’t black because otherwise I think it gets a bit too dull. I really want a new dress, but I think next time I get one it will be in another colour than black, because I now also have several pairs of black high heeled shoes that I only wear for special occasions and they would go perfect with a dress that isn’t black.

 The picture was taken in my old home in Fulham two years ago. Think I was due to go out to my local spot in Chelsea. Before my life with little A. I used to live with one of my best friends from back home and back then most of my weekends were spent out somewhere, whereas now my weekends seem to be a bit more quiet. This weekend I’m going clothes shopping for little A. I have lots of ideas of new clothes she needs for winter. I have my eyes on some boots from Angulus but as it is a bit colder in Denmark than it is here in London, they all have wool in them. So they would have to wait until we one day move back to Denmark.

 I’m wearing dress Nastygal, shoes Jeffrey Campbell, bag Burberry, necklace gift from my friend and bracelets Jessica Kagan.

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