Thursday, October 23, 2014


A week ago today I was on my way to the beach on a warm sunny day that felt more like June than October. Being back in London and back into my daily routine it feels like Barcelona has happened much more than a week ago. That seems to happen every time I have been away. I wish that the feeling would stay with me much longer, but my busy lifestyle seems to have taken over. I'm so glad that my friends talked me into going (although that didn't take them long to convince me to come), and I can't wait for us to do this more regularly and not wait another 17 years. Although I probably spent a bit more (in Zara!) than I was supposed to it was so cheap to travel to Barcelona that I would not have the excuse of being broke next time (if I can avoid the temptation of Zara).

This year I have been really lucky to go to both Jersey during Easter, South of France in early summer, Denmark during the summer, Greece in late summer and then Barcelona. Next month I will be going to Paris followed by Denmark for Christmas. Compared to that I thought I wouldn't be going nearly anywhere this year I have been many places and it has been all worth it, even though I haven't gone shopping as much as I would have liked to. I have realised that I rather want to spend every little penny on going travelling and when I move back to Denmark one day I should hopefully be able to go shopping much more. Or probably more realistic, when little A grows up.

Top pictures: top Blake, shorts Gestuz, sandals Primark
Bottom pictures: jumpsuit Zara, bag Stella McCartney

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