Thursday, October 30, 2014


My friend Signe has a really simple Scandinavian style. As long as I can remember both her and my other friend Julie have always worn really cool clothes that suit them really well. I remember when we were younger and they would both be wearing long leather coats and Buffalo shoes (17 years ago!) and I wanted to dress like them as well it just didn’t suit me as it suited them. I always borrowed Julie’s clothes as she was lucky to have a lot of new clothes from Bitte Kai Rand, and people at school always commented on how much different clothes I had and that I was always wearing new clothes.
Both Julie and Signe have always worn mostly Scandinavian brands and they often mix a top and jeans with sneakers. They know how to make a simple outfit look relaxed and cool at the same time by wearing sneakers. When we were in Barcelona we went into several sport shops to look at sneakers and that sort of opened my eyes to how many cool sneakers you can find. I only buy around one new pair a year, and after our trip I think it is soon time for me to buy my yearly pair.   

 Signe is wearing t-shirt Won Hundred, skirt Envii and sunglasses Lisa Farrow.

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