Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I have been waiting for the 6th of November for ages and I really want it all! At least everything that you see above. Last night I dreamt that my friend Kinne had her hands on everything before everyone else and I woke up with a really jealous feeling. I'm in the office and have the luxury of at least five H&Ms nearby but as I'm working I don't have too much time. Last year I was waiting around for nearly an hour in H&M and everytime they came with something new I grabbed sometime as quickly as possible even though I wasn't sure it was something I wanted. I bought a lot from the childrens section but unfortunately that's not an option this year. My plan is to go at several times during the day and go the day after as well. I hope that I will get my hands on at least one piece. I have butterflies in my stomach even thinking about it. I hope I can sleep tonight even though I'm so excited.

Pictures by Alexander Wang x H&M

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