Monday, November 3, 2014


This weekend I went to Battersea Park, which is a park by the river on the other side of Chelsea. It is a bit more than an hour by foot and the walk there isn’t the nicest but it is much faster than taking the bus there due to the traffic. On the way there I usually go through the quiet back roads of Kensington and Chelsea and every time I go it feels as if I have a role in Made in Chelsea and that I will meet my friend just around the corner (as they randomly do in the series). It’s funny how different the British are from the Scandinavians compared to showing how they live. There is probably one person on my road who doesn’t have their blinds down. In Chelsea nearly all flats and houses have the blinds up so you can see how pretty (and expensive) they live. Back home it is usually not about you being rich or poor it it mostly individuals needs to the person living in the flat to decide if he or she wants to have some light come into their rooms and not about the people outside. Also, you sort of have to hide your things from the burglars. After I had a robbery many years ago I also started being more careful, but luckily our flat back home is at the top of the building so there aren’t always people walking by and looking in.

If I take any visitors next time my plan os to go into pub on the corner just where you go over Albertsons Bridge.Their food looks great and it is always busy with the local Chelsea gang. On the way to the park we passed The Butcher and Grill which is more like an organic shop with a restaurant. I can definitely recommend their take away lasagne and their cakes. I wish my area had more of the local produced shops. Whole Foods is great, but there is something about unique organic shops.

I’m wearing coat Muubaa, trousers Bik Bok by Mary Kate and Ashley Olson, scarf Gestuz and shoes Moss Copenhagen. Little A is wearing coat and dress Zara and sandals Angulus.

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