Thursday, November 20, 2014


Today was one of those days where I missed cycling back home in Denmark after being stopped by police who informed all cyclists that pedestrians had priority on a cycle pathway. The cycling rules over here really confuse me! Pedestrians always cross red lights and cars drive on cycling paths and I have never seen anyone do anything about that. I feel safe when I cycle through the parks and don’t think I would have continued cycling if I didn’t have this option, but now I’m being told off for cycling on a cycle pathway. The British could really learn from the Danes when it comes to cycling culture. I think it is difficult for them as it needs to be embedded in their culture.

The reason for the police stopping me this morning was due to that three pedestrians had been knocked over in the last week. I have heard that happen quite a lot here, but if they start to focus on making cars more aware of not running cyclists over that would help as well. Then people wouldn’t use the safer pathways to escape being knocked over by a car. Bikers should also learn to take better care on the main roads so there is a lot that has to be improved. For a starter I think they should be more aware of people crossing red lights. I don’t think I have ever once crossed Oxford Street or Regent Street without having to wait for pedestrians to cross a red light. Even parents teach their children to cross a red light.

In a few weeks I will be moving office and I hope that my cycling route will be as safe as it is now. Until then I look forward to when we move back to Denmark and I can enjoy cycling a bit more instead of being scared of being run over by a car or another cyclist on a daily basis.

First picture is by Albert's bridge in Chelsea 3 years ago the day I got my new bike.

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