Friday, November 21, 2014



My friend is always so good at thinking of me when she finds something she likes. This time it was Christmas decorations that she found at a supermarket called Netto, and it looks much more expensive than it actually is! I had her to stock up for me so when I see her next week in Paris I can bring it back to London. I have already been in Tiger, but it is a bit too colourful for me. I have found so many Christmas decorations that I want, but I would have to wait until we have a more permanent home to get that. I really can’t wait, it’s been so many years I have lived in temporary places.
This Danish shop is one of my favourite home shops. It has things from some of my favourite brands such as Tine K and Day Birger et Mikkelsen Home. My mom arrived yesterday so she brought over a bit of the Christmas stuff I requested. Now it just has to be December so I can start decorating.

 All pictures are from Nostalgi Fyn and last one is of  the Christmas decorations from Netto,

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