Thursday, November 13, 2014


Last night I was supposed to have my friend over for dinner, but little A was feeling poorly which also meant that she hasn’t slept well. I’m not so good with the whole sleeping arrangement we currently have, but there aren’t really any other choices, at least for the next six months. Last week when we had visitors from back home she didn’t sleep that well, but that wasn’t because she was ill, it was because she wanted to play. My sister had discovered a really fun game with her about her playing in her cot, but after several days of her staying up in the night wanting to play we had to stop that game. As soon as I thought we were on the right track to go back to sleeping in the night she started becoming ill. Before all that happened she slept fine, while I was up most nights, so it is now at least a month since I had a good night sleep. Which is OK if you aren’t working full time, or if you have family nearby to help out, but since none of that is relating to me then days are long and nights as well. I have never been one of those people who function well on little sleep so I had to cancel my plans with my friend.

I still ended up making a soup and baked a bread with little A on my arm. Although she is luckily a relatively light baby it is still difficult cooking with one arm. But I must say that the result ended up well although it probably took me twice as long as if I would have had both arms free. I had a little help from Jamie Oliver aka my dad’s advice. The bread recipe is sort of my own, but I have a cookbook that I had from M’s mom that gave me some ideas.


6 dl of warm water and 25g yeast

400 g of wholegrain flour

250 g buckwheat flour

2 teaspoons of honey

150 g pumpkin seeds

Pinch of salt

I started out with mixing the yeast in the water and then put in the other ingredients. I left it for 30 minutes before putting it in a bread form and leaving it to stand somewhere warm for 1 hour before putting it in the oven on 180 C for 50 minutes.

 Vegetable soup:


Chicken bones

Chicken stock

1 onion

1 leek

2-3 garlic cloves

1 chili

 Leave that to stand on medium low heat in water for at least two hours. Then remove all the filling and keep the broth.


3 carrots

Half a butternut squash

1 courgette

2 potatoes

2 sweet potatoes

1 leek

1 onion

6 mushrooms

Mix carrots, butternut squash, courgette, potatoes and sweet potatoes and let it boil. Blend until smooth and top up with mushrooms and leek made on a pan. Top it up with crème fraiche or natural yogurt and enjoy.  


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