Saturday, November 8, 2014


Isla Margarita

Morrocoy - around 3 hours by bus from Caracas

Los Roques - 30 minutes by flight from Caracas

Around seven years ago I had recently just met M and moved back to Denmark from the UK. I liked being back home but I also had that feeling that I wanted to see the world again. Denmark can be so cold and dark in the winter so I always dream of moving somewhere hot during the winter months. I was in the middle of studying for my Masters and had the opportunity to go abroad for a semester and would never say no to that. I knew it would only be for a few months and M could always come and visit. What I didn't know was that the only option I was offered was on the other side of the world in one of the most dangerous cities in the world. I knew that I would never get that opportunity again and had always wanted to go to South America. Luckily one of the girls from the same university as mine was also going so we decided to go together and also find a place to live together. I'm really glad that I had that option because it would not have been safe enough to travel alone. Venezuela is such a pretty country but also really difficult and dangerous to travel in. Even though I was just there for 3.5 months I had several visitors. First M, then my sister and then my friend Pernille.

Luckily M and I could Skype nearly every day but it was really difficult saying goodbye after spending the first two weeks in Isla Margarita and other parts of the country. Three months is a long time not to see each other but luckily they went really quickly, for me at least, as I experienced so much. When my sister came we went to Morrocoy which is has some of the prettiest beaches I have ever seen. All places you visit in Venezuela also feels really deserted. When my friend Pernille came we went to Los Roques. It is definitely one of the nicest places I have ever been to. The only downside about it is that it is so expensive. An ice cream was around €7. All we did there was sailing all day and relaxing in the evening. There isn't much else you can do there so it's great for relaxing.

One of my subjects at university was about the poor people in the cities and on one of the excursions we went to see how people live there. It is really an eye opener to how lucky I was to be from a Scandinavian country where most poor people get help from the government. Many people lived in empty houses with not much else than a tiny place to cook and thin mattresses to sleep on. What really surprised me was although they didn't have much they often had tv's and computers.

If you know where to go in Venezuela I can really recommend going there although you need to be alert at all times. This is mostly in Caracas, the other places are relatively safe to travel in.

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