Monday, November 10, 2014


I’m obviously not sightseeing as much in the city as I should be. This is mainly due to my weekends being full on with looking after little A and recently also with looking after visitors from back home. I have a feeling that even with me having more time on my hands I would probably be too exhausted from a busy work week to see as much as London as I should be. The best way to see London is when you have visitors over from back home and the first 8 months I lived here M often came to visit. I think that was the time I saw most of London. We usually went out a whole day and most of the time we went to new places. The last few weekend I really wanted to go back to my old area up in North London, but with a journey time of at least 1.5 hour I have sort of changed my mind just before heading out. It feels a bit silly to spend at least 3 hours on transport just to see something new. At least something that you could see in your own area. I currently think that where I live has the best parts of London. I can easily get to Hyde Park, Chelsea, the river, Notting Hill and Westfield. My area has everything I need for sightseeing, pretty parks, river views and nice local pubs. It is therefore really easy to stay local or at least as local as everything within a 1 hour walk. Winter is also not the best time to experience new places due to the weather. So I’m hoping that come Spring that might change.

 When I had more time to see new parts of the city I one weekend went for a walk through Regent’s Park and up to Camden. That is a great route for seeing the northern part of the city. The thing I feel I should have appreciated more before having little A is the whole thing with sticking with deadlines. I could go out in the morning not knowing when I needed to be back for but with little A you either have to be prepared with food and snacks or knowing that you will be back in time to food and sleep time. I have always been one of those persons who liked to plan ahead but even the most organised person would be challenged with sticking to children’s deadlines. I often envy my friends without children and wish I had the opportunity to go out one day spontaneously. I think that would have to wait until little A is older.

 Pictures are from Camden area and the Wine and Cheese Festival. I'm wearing Asos leather jacket, Zara trousers, Sam Edelman boots and bag Alexander Wang.

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