Sunday, November 30, 2014


Yesterday we spent another shopping in Paris. Our plan was to go to a Christmas market but we never made it as shopping took up most of the day. I found so much clothes I liked both for me and little A, but when a dress for little A is at least €100 I didn't end up buying that much. Instead I tried to focus on helping my friends out with finding clothes but how I wish it was me getting all the stuff they got. It sort of made me aware that I'm not sure living in London is worth all our sacrifices when I realised how much I would have been able to buy if we didn't live there. Instead I ended up in Zara, and although I love Zara it would have been nice for once to get something from somewhere else instead, like Kooples or Maje. 

Last night we should have gone out for dinner but we were all so tired so we ended up staying in with take away and sweets. The days in Paris have gone so quickly and I wished I could have stayed there longer. I don't think my wallet would have liked that and I'm also really looking forward to going back to little A and M.

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