Tuesday, November 4, 2014


The season has finally changed significantly. Less than a week ago little A was wearing sandals and now I quickly have to get her a new pair of winter boots. I can't get used to having to turn the heating on and wear my gloves when I cycle in the morning. The thing I love about London this time of the year, is that half term is over so I can pass Regent Street without falling over tourists and Hyde Park is so quiet in the afternoons that it feels like cycling through the countryside. 

Now that the weather has changed it was also time for little A's footwear to change. I wish it was me that was getting that many shoes as often as she is at the moment! First a pair of Hunter boots, then a pair of New Balance and today a new pair from the Danish luxury shoe brand Angulus. Children are expensive! That is something the Danish government has taken into consideration when they priced a pair of boots that little A would probably only fit into a few months to nearly 100 pounds. They must have thought that all children need these boots and they therefore give double the amount of childcare compared to what you get in the UK. Another reason to why having children in the UK is hard work when you can't afford the boots your daughter needs. Luckily I managed to find them on Trendsales for much less and although they are used I think that little A would be fine with them, used or not used. My mom promised that next year she would get her a new pair which I hopefully can justify a bit more as she might not grow as quickly as she is now. Not even 18 months and already a huge selection of shoes, have a feeling that might grow out of hand when she gets older!

Sneakers by New Balance and boots by Angulus.

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