Wednesday, December 17, 2014


The blog has been a bit quiet the last week. I have caught whatever little A had so haven't felt good and on top of that I had some bad news at work. I'm slowly recovering and getting to grips with that next year might be more challenging than it is already but I think this is only a positive step to figuring out what it really is I enjoy and feel good at. Will let you know more details soon.

The last week I have, besides from being ill, also managed to go ice skating and during the weekend I went to the Danish church and watched Santa Lucia. Yesterday I went to Southampton with work and we went out for an Indian Christmas meal.

In two days I will be going back home and I can't wait. I haven't been back for four months so really looking forward to it. I have plans every day so it will also be extremely busy. We will be staying right in town on Fiolstræde which is great as I will be close to all my friends and right in the centre of everything. 

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