Wednesday, December 10, 2014


A few days ago we moved office. For the last three years I have been as central in London as I could, right by Oxford Circus and Soho. I have really become used to having the opportunity to go into every shop I wanted to such as Zara, Primark, Selfridges, Topshop, Maje etc. On top of that there were so many different restaurants and healthy lunch options and even though I didn't buy lunch out every day it was just great to have the options to choose. Copenhagen feels like a small village next to this and although Oxford street is always busy, I have after three years found the best quiet spots away from all the tourists. The office was really old and run down but it had its charm and that was the location. I have now realised that I would much rather have less space in an old building than being in a brand new office with a boring location. There is nothing across the river, it is the wrong side to have an office on.

One thing I now can't complain about is the cycle ride getting there. Although it is now at least a 45 minute bike ride I pass the most famous sights in London. Sights I haven't even been on after I moved here this time round. I still go some of the way that I used to go as I would much rather start and end my day in a park besides from being close to being knocked over on a busy road where the fumes from the cars go through my cycle mask. I first pass Kensington gardens, Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace. Westminster is probably my least favorite place as it is always busy with tourists and cars but if I go really early it is actually pleasant to cross the river and London Eye. I went for lunch the other day but the options are limited and I'm missing the old location. It's not often I would be in town otherwise but I might need it go more often now. Besides from the location there are no designated seats so you go into the office not knowing whether or not there is space for you. You are not allowed to leave anything so all your belongings are stored in a small locker. Don't know how long I can cope with that for. It doesn't make you feel welcome at all.

I hope that the location has to grow on me and that I get used to it soon. One good thing is that Borough Market is close by. After work tomorrow I'm going ice skating by Somerset and this weekend will be full of Christmas fun.

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