Thursday, December 4, 2014



A tip when you visit London and are in the Kensington area is to go to my local pub Hand & Flower. I have been to many pubs in London and this is one of my favourite pub. Most pubs are a bit more expensive and the quality of food are sometimes a bit better, but compared to what you pay here the quality is actually OK. I ended up choosing a salad, but their burgers and fish and chips are a bit better. Their desserts are also really good and if you are into beer I can also recommend going here. Last time when we went with my dad he wasn’t sure which beer he wanted to have and he ended up trying a few different ones before he decided. M’s mom and husband sometimes stay at the pub as well and although it is not cheap it is a bit more authentic than the Hilton Hotel across the road.
Little A also joined and although the pub isn’t particularly child friendly we managed to make the most of it. She enjoyed herself by moving along to the Christmas music and entertaining the people at the bar. A man told us afterwards that ‘this baby is great’, and I’m glad she is so easy to bring along when we go out. As long as she has good food and people to look at she behaves perfectly. I’m sure she gets that from me.  

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