Tuesday, December 2, 2014



It was great to be away for the weekend and I almost forgot about the worries I have back in London. I wished I could have stayed a bit longer because I missed out on a brunch and Christmas market we had talked about going to. I think Paris is great to visit but I’m not sure I would like to live there. Compared to the British, the French people can sometimes seem a bit rude if you don’t speak to them in French. When I went there last year I was quite impressed with how friendly they were but when I think of it now it was because M spoke to them in French. On the other hand I think London was almost depressing to come back to because as soon as I came back it took me ages to go on the tube and when I first came up for air I walked straight out into a busy road where I felt the pollution much more than I had in Paris. It is so much easier getting around in Paris, at least if you live centrally.

We stayed in Marais, which I think is one of my new favourite areas. My friend’s flat was so cosy as well, typical Parisian style. Everyone seems much more chic and I didn’t stand out for wearing my new hat. I probably won’t here either if I go to Chelsea, but everywhere else I might. Compared to Paris the style in London is just a bit more boring. My new favourite shops if I had more money are Kooples and Maje  which you can find everywhere you go. I'm glad I have Kooples close to where I live so perhaps I can grab a bargain once their sale starts.

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