Monday, December 8, 2014


I have spent most of my weekend with little A. The last few weeks have been really busy with visitors so it was nice to be just the three of us before we have plans again until the beginning of the new year. I dropped by Scandinavian Kitchen and bought something I thought was 'rosengrød' and 'Hvidt øl' but could only get something Swedish and although it is similar it is not exactly the same. I'm still trying to cut sugar out as much as possible and bought a few raw cakes at whole foods for pudding. On top of that I also tried to bake ginger cookies without sugar. I put honey and a bit of agave sirup and the still taste as if there is sugar in them, I really can't tell the big difference besides from that I feel as if I'm allowed to eat more. 

We also went out for dinner to one of our local thai restaurants and they love little A there and babysat her during most of our meal which was great. 

Little A is wearing hat H&M, jacket and dress Zara and boots Angulus.

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