Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I'm back! Have been absent for a while now but have just been so busy enjoying myself with family and friends. I have nearly had plans for the past entire two weeks and although it has been hard work eating and going out nearly every day for more than two weeks I didn't one day miss my more quiet life abroad. It's funny how different the two worlds can be and still so close. I really look forward to when we one day move back. It was stressful getting back to the biggest and busiest airport in the world, Copenhagen feel so tiny and relaxed compared to London.

I celebrated Christmas eve three times and for New Year's eve I went to my half sister. We have celebrated nearly every New Year together since we were 13. In a few years we will celebrate having spent twenty New Year's eve together. For me New Year is about good food and thoughts on the new year. We often play games throughout the evening and watch the Queen's speech and later in the evening we go out and watch the firework. Little A slept from all the fireworks so she most have been exhausted from seeing family and friends. I can't wait until we go back to Copenhagen next.

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