Thursday, January 22, 2015


I'm completely over the moon about a flat that I really, really want. It's nearly as expensive as what I'm paying here in London so realistically I would be able to afford it. Location is ideal and I already imagined all the new furniture I would get which will fit straight in. Little A would be able to go straight out and play and I would still feel safe when she grows older about leaving her out there. As it is right now I know that when we move I will miss out little garden a lot. Even though there is not much sun it is just great to have the opportunity to open the door and leave little A out there to nap. In our flat in Copenhagen we wouldn't be able to do that. The area is not really suitable for having children and although location is right in centre it is not an ideal place to have children. It's funny how my priorities have suddenly changed after having little A. I would definitely never leave the city, but an outdoor space would have been perfect. Even just a balcony would have been OK.

In London most of the flats we looked at came with an outdoor space, mostly your own private or shared with a neighbour but in Copenhagen that is a bit more difficult to find. At least if you want to live central and be able to afford it. I would much rather be more central and have less outdoor space but instead have a summer house along the coast. I'm never one of those people who would dream of living in a house outside the city, I'm too much of a city girl to do that.

I'll continue dreaming of that flat. I hope that my turn comes for something similar in the near future.

Pictures by Lokalbolig DK.

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