Thursday, January 8, 2015


I have always thought that British people were so much friendlier than the Danes. One of the first words small children learn is 'Please', even little A knows that word now although her vocabulary is still fairly limited. People let you pass on the street and are always really aware of giving you space (excluding busy London spots!) which is rather unusual in Denmark. I always notice this as one of the first things when I go back home. It is not rare that you get a door slammed in your face and if you want to pass people you either push or wait because you are too scared to talk to strangers. I find it much easier talking to strangers now that I have little A. I have always wanted to be one of those people that talk to strangers without being embarrassed about what other people would say about you. The whole Danish culture is just so different when it comes to speaking to strangers, often people can seem rude. I noticed now, that if you get past that people are really polite.

I really experienced a positive attitude from Danish people this time when I went back. I think the whole 'if you are nice to me, I'll be nice to you' works with Danes, but I have always tried to be nice to everyone without judging. I hope that the day we move back I will continue being as the British. One sorry is better than none. Little A will also grow up being taught how to be most polite. I can't help thinking of when one of my friends came over for tea recently with her children. Her son who is nearly three was so polite and when he left he said thanks for having us and Happy Christmas. I hope little A will be like that when she is his age.

On another note I'm still debating whether or not I prefer to stay in London than in Copenhagen. One of my New Year's resolutions is to just be happy in the country I'm in, so I hope that this would be the case this year. I love living in London for several different reasons but I also miss Copenhagen although it is probably worst in the summer when I want to be at the beach. Hopefully the next few months will be clearer and I will come up with a solution besides from being in a constant limbo and waiting position.

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