Monday, January 26, 2015


Sometimes the UK feels like it is a country outside Europe! I have never lived somewhere where I didn't have any problems with e.g. heating, the water, the electricity etc. In this flat we have since the beginning lived with a floor that is falling apart, water coming down from the ceiling, no electricity, a blocked kitchen sink etc. For nearly ten months we have every day emptied buckets of water in the bathroom and cleaned the plates in the bathtub. Did I mention that our rent is extremely high, hence we could afford a modern flat twice as big as this one anywhere else in the world than London. On Thursday the electricity disappeared for nearly three hours, a whole neighbourhood went pitch black and there was no special reason. I must admit that I have never in my whole life tried that in Denmark. On top of that we have mice, which we seem to have every winter and we also had them in the old flat I lived in with my friend. That is just normal in London. I have never heard of anyone in Copenhagen who have this, besides from if you were out in the country side. We have several times mentioned this to our agency but the landlord didn't want to do anything to fix it. Unfortunately that's how it works in London. Or most places in the UK, they don't know the modern world compared to the Scandinavian countries!

Besides from all the problems we have in the flat I had an OK weekend. Friday I went to Holland Park with my friend and little A. Saturday we went to Duke of York Square on Kings Road. They have a market there every Sat and I had the best ever French duck sandwich. I will be craving that again soon. Sunday I went to my friend's birthday which she celebrated at Balan's on Kensington High street. I can definitely recommend their Banoffee pie, so delicious and although little A doesn't have any sugar she had a small taste and that seemed to go down well.

This week will be the end of an era over here and everything will change from now on. Luckily to something positive, although I haven't been treated fairly by certain people here it has helped me made some decisions which will affect my future. Lets just say that like the living situations here the job situations are similar and the UK could learn a lot from Denmark.

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