Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Nearly ten years ago my friend talked me into going on a skiing/snowboarding trip to Italy. It was the first time I ever snowboarded and I have loved it ever since. I only tried skiing once before in Whistler, Canada and that wasn't for me. I ended up sitting in the sun instead. After going snowboarding for the first time, I have been nearly every year. But two years ago it sort of stopped. I couldn't really go as seven months pregnant and last year I planned on a one day trip to Isaberg in Sweden, but there was no snow. This year I hope to be more lucky with the snow. I really miss it a lot. I love being outside all day and really enjoy the fresh and quiet air there is in the mountains. I hope that in a few years time little A will also be going with us.

The last time I went we stayed with my friend in Avoriaz in France. It is a great place for going snowboarding as there are so many different options, the only disadvantage is that it is not as quiet as the other places I have visited. I prefer having lots of space on the slopes. I have the last few years gone with skiers so it is sometimes difficult to keep up as I often need a few more breaks than they do, but at least that has kept me going. If there is no snow this year my plan is to go for a least a week next year somewhere in the alps. It is difficult to plan any holiday at the moment with our living situation, but I have my mind set on that next year will be it.

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