Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I can't believe it has only been a week, but so much has happened since last week that it feels months away since I took these photos one day at work. I only realised yesterday evening that it was Monday, a day I would normally just want to pass by. After a long weekend there is nothing worse than going to work Monday morning. Even when I liked my job I always disliked Mondays. Yesterday I spent the day with little A and it felt so much more important than sitting at an office where you are not appreciated. That was how it felt in the end, being in an office where you know that your seat will be taken up by someone else the week after. Going to numerous meetings on trying to keep your job although at that point you don't see any reason for it besides from paying towards food on the table. The job I moved country for and left my boyfriend, friends and family for have now decided to let me go. The strange thing is that I don't feel anything besides from relief. The last few months have just been a matter of letting them decide for me which has been really tough on any kinds of planning for my future. I think that has been the hardest part about this whole process, the fact that you can try to do anything to stay, but you know that they have made their mind. I think this has all happened for a reason for me to try something else. I have many things up my sleeve, I just need to find out how to best make use of these ideas.

Besides from all this work situation our flat has been occupied by several mice. Even after living in the UK for so many years I often feel surprised how insufficient they are. We keep having problems in our flat and they take ages to fix it. This is the third year I'm here that we have mice in our flat. We have holes everywhere in the floor so it is no wonder that they get in. Nevertheless, we never had it as bad as now, the last few times they mostly kept behind the wall. Now they are all over the floor, furniture, everywhere and they are out day and night even when we are here. We have spent the past week trying to catch them which is extremely difficult. Until then we would have to wait for a man to come and put more traps out, but they like to take their time. It will be so different getting back to Scandinavia where things actually work, where the homes are warm and where you can trust that it is mostly summer houses that are in the same conditions as our current flat. And of top of that you will pay much less in rent. 

This year has not started out that great, but although I didn't have any holiday planned before sometime Spring I decided to go back home next weekend. Already have a weekend planned of seeing friends, going out for brunch, dinner and going snowboarding in Sweden. It's funny, when you live in it you don't see how lucky you are until you leave it. I hope I will feel the same about leaving London, although right now it is difficult to see. 

Pictures from upside down building in Blackfriars and from my goodbye dinner with work at 

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