Saturday, February 21, 2015


Last weekend I had family over from Denmark and when that happens I tend to go out eating a lot more than I usually would. One of my local pubs Hand and Flower is a place we go with nearly all our guests. The prices are not too high and the quality of the food is good. I usually have Fish and Chips which is a huge portion. I never eat anything battered at home but going to a pub it just feels normal to do that. One of my favorite meals there is the seasonal pie with mash followed by banoffee pie.

The day after going to the pub M and I had a date night. We haven't been out in a long time so Valentines night was perfect. We started out at the local market in Chelsea on Duke of York Square and again had the best French duck sandwich ever. I can also really recommend one of the stands that made homemade toffees. In the evening we went for dinner at Jak's on Kings Road. It is my new favorite restaurant in London. I have had food from their take away selection several times so I already knew that the food was good, but the setting was great as well. Huge basement rooms with a New York feeling to it. Next time I hope I have room for their cakes as they looked gorgeous. Next week we have visitors again so the plan is to go there for an early dinner. Until then I will try to figure which ones of their delicious cakes I'm going to choose.

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