Monday, February 16, 2015


A week ago I was back in Denmark for a long weekend trip and I finally managed to go snowboading. Haven't been for three years so it was great to finally be back. I can't wait until I can take little A, hopefully she is old enough next year. The weather was great, cold and sunny. It was half term so quite busy, but I'm glad I didn't wait to go till March as there wasn't that much snow left although we are still in February.

Isaberg is a great place to go for a day or two. It is around 3.5 hours drive from Copenhagen and you feel like you are much further away than only a few hours drive. Of course the alps are where I prefer to go, but if that has to wait a year or two then Isaberg would do. I always bring lunch when I go because like when you go to a public swimming pool the only food they serve is unhealthy food such as chips and burgers. The trip there went quite quickly, but I must admit that after 6 full hours on the snowboard I would much rather have gone to a cosy hotel and have dinner before waking up to another sunny day in the mountains.

I spent the weekend back home seeing several different friends. Saturday night I went to one of my favorite sushi restaurants Sticks'n'sushi and even saw the Danish prime minister there. Later I went for dinner and a movie. On Sunday I went for brunch with three of my friends and later met my friend at one of my favorite tea places Tante T. The same evening I made a healthy wholemeal pizza at my sisters.

Three days after I came back something terrible happened in Copenhagen. Although I have only been back a few days I wished I could come for the memorial. It feels like I'm really far away at a time like this and at the same time I haven't taken it in fully as I live a long way away from it. Both places where it happened it so close to where I grew up and lived most of my life so it feels terrible thinking about what has happened and that it might never feel safe again. I hope this is a one time off and that little A will grow up feeling as safe as I did living there.

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